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Who we are

We are Fruitconnect – a company with more than 40 years combined experience of buying fresh fruit. Our main area of expertise involves citrus, and we work with a well-established network of carefully selected growers from all around the world. With our extensive collaboration with juice brands, and the geographical and logistical advantages of our warehousing facilities in Helsingborg and Rotterdam, we are one of the Nordic region’s leading importers of citrus. We also supply our customers with large volumes of other products, such as other citrus fruits, apples and carrots, and we are happy to help with other customer-specific requests. We are today one of biggest importers of citrus to the juicing and fruit salad industry around Europe.


From global to local

Taking care of the whole tree

Thanks to our network of growers all around the world – in both the northern and southern hemispheres – we are able to guarantee the supply of fruit all year round. Another source of our strength is the fact that we take responsibility for the entire tree – everything from Class 1 to industry-classed fruit, which we deliver in tailor-made volumes to our customers. Thanks to our large volumes of industrial fruit, we are able to manage the whole process in a cost-effective manner. It is our ambition to employ a far-sighted approach when working with our collaborative partners and customers in order to secure the best possible availability, quality and price.

Relationship with farmers

Thanks to our long experience of buying fresh fruit, Fruitconnect have a unique relationship and long term collaboration with our farmers. We work close with them to ensure the best quality.

Supply chain

We exercise control and take responsibility for the entire chain, from the grower to the customer. We negotiate directly with growers and cooperatives in order to ensure we can obtain the right volumes, of the right quality, at the right prices. We then secure the freight chain by using sea transportation and arranging import clearance to the EU so that we can make deliveries either to our storage facilities or directly to the customer. In other words, it is we who ensure that lead times are fulfilled and that the fruit is transported in such a way that is as environmentally and cost-effective as possible. We work in close collaboration and planning with our customers so that we can supply them with fresh fruit in accordance with the agreed long-term plan.

CSR, quality & food safety

Sedex and Certified IFS Broker

At Fruitconnect, we work actively together with our suppliers in order to ensure the taking of responsibiliy with regards to social, ethical and environmental aspects. We are an IFS broker with an advanced level of certification and also member of SEDEX.

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Part of GFSI-network

Matters of Food Safety and all aspects are quality are handled with care, Through our certification within IFS Broker we are fully compliant with certifications under GFSI-network. We only do business with partners within the GFSI-network that have certifications such as “Global GAP & BRC. Further information on who is included in the GFSI-network, can be found here.